What we have achieved

Our Achievements

In all our engagements we use a bundle of our multidisciplinary services according to the needs and demand of the engagement. Some of our accomplishments are the following:

SAP Cross - Business Module

Conceptual design, solution architecture and implementation of new SAP module for business, used with the core system (msg.PIA), which satisfies a number of customer needs such as:

Web Business Suite

Conceptual design, solution architecture and implementation of state of the art Web Business Suite for company’s external partners, integrated with the company’s core system (msg.PIA). Case management was applied from case assignment up to case pricing with a unique user experience providing excellence in UI and process design and easiness of use to the user on a high complexity business operation.

At the same time, the core system user had all the available tools to monitor all operations from the external system and the ability to manage all the relevant information.

Some of the supported features are:

Business Process digitization

More than 40 business operations have been digitized, using various technologies, saving thousands of man-days while offering better control and quality in system users. These operations are spread in all areas of the insurance business sector. Indicatively these areas are:

Project management

Creation of new standards in risk assessment of highly complex projects and client acceptance standards for the public sector under the European Commission supervision.

As technology is expanding in operations in the public sector and projects are becoming more complex, new risk identification techniques need to be applied. This way the project completion remains intact while at the same time mitigation methods, when these are acknowledged early, lead to project success. In addition, client acceptance methodology needs to be alternated in every IT project in order to adhere to the specific needs of each assignment.


Life and general insurance business process mapping for the whole company’s operations where a number of parameters were recorded. The result was the reengineering of some processes for modern and more efficient completion while at the same time cost saving acts and performance improvement elements were suggested and applied. All relevant parameters were statistically analysed and findings for operations were encountered from all top management board.