Fidelio Banking Loyalty

About Fidelio

Banking loyalty benefits are spread among various stakeholders:

  • The bank may increase both customers' card spending and the merchant base towards winning market share
  • Merchants become the preferred option among competition for Bank’s Customers and gain more in-store traffic from a new channel
  • Customers benefit from the program just by making use of their cards and therefore increase their purchasing power



Explore Fidelio Banking Loyalty Solution offering

Card Based Loyalty

Collect virtual points by using Bank Card while making transactions. International, Domestic & Closed Loop Cards are supported.

Bank Wide Loyalty

Collect points based on overall banking behaviour and interactions, such as by keeping deposits, paying loan instalments on time etc.

Real-time calculation

When a transaction is made, either collection or redemption, Customer’s reward balance is updated real-time on all available channels.

Configurable parameters

All system variables can be configured through the system's parameterization forms. Therefore, no system parameters are “hard coded”.

Merchant Info and Reporting

Full Partner details and statistics from a single page, including Location, Category, Campaigns, Transactions and Program Statistics.

Campaign Management

Fully manage own (Bank) and Merchant Campaigns, including both collection and redemption rates along with slit of the contribution.

Real-time Reporting

Designed to adapt to banking industry, real-time information is available both to admin users as well as 3rd party systems and bank functions.


Settlement with participating merchants for collected and redeemed points can occur through batch process or real-time.


Integrate with POS and e-commerce merchants for in-store and online interaction with the program. Analytics and Info APIs are also available.